The Art  of Jov


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"Living My Dreams and Killing It." -jOV! 

Born and raised in Los Angeles in 1981. The Art of Jov's inspiration and popular culture takes stem from his love for cartoons, tv shows, movies, music and comics. In school or even at work, he always drew. Constantly. This is the only way he knew how to escape; through drawing. In 2012, he gave himself a year to be established and on that one year mark, that's when everything started looking up. Finally. From artshows, artwalks, commissions and now to conventions... The Art of Jov is determined to take it to the top and by any means necessary. Hence why he gives it his all in all his products. He couldn't do this without each and everyone of you. So, please stay tuned, thanks for the continuous AND undying support and lastly... kill it everyday! WOOO!


Your Friendly Neighborhood jOV!